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Tips For Silk Pajamas Maintenance

Silk is a very soft and luxurious fabric. It is no wonder that silk pajamas for women is the most popular choice when it comes to choosing sleepwear. However, these luxurious fabric does not come with a cheap price.

Therefore, it is important that you do what you can to prolong the beauty and life of this beautiful fabric. Here are some tips to help you care for your silk pajamas:

Read instructions

Although some silk can be machine washed, there are some that requires dry cleaning or hand washing. It is important that you read the instructions in the package or in the tag to be safe. is an expert of silk clothing; you can visit their original site for detailed info.

Clean as soon as you can

If your silk pajamas get dirty, clean it as soon as possible – especially when it comes to stains. Do not wait for the stain to harden in the fabric because you might have to pay an expert cleaner to take the stain out.

Be gentle

Silk is a very fragile fabric. When hand washing it, make sure that you do not scrub it harshly. Always wash with a gentle detergent.

Wash separately

Some silk colors have the tendency to run so to be on the safe side, wash your silk pajama set by themselves so that it will not bleed on your other clothes.

Drying out

Never wring out water from your silk pajamas because this stretches the fabric and may ruin the shape of your pajamas. When you are done washing them, simply hang them up right away. Make sure also that you do not hang them on a spot where they get direct sunlight because the colors may fade.


When you iron your silk pajama, use the lowest setting. Also, it helps to use a press cloth over the silk as an added measure so that the fabric is protected.

Tips For Silk Pajamas Maintenance
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