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What You Need To Know About Remote Controlled Antenna


When choosing a remote controlled antenna, you need to be well aware of your need and also you need to understand the critical factors in determining how the industrial remote control type will perform.

While there are many antennas available in the market that has this remote control capabilities; still you need to choose what technology will best provide the wireless switching system. If you are more curious about remote controlled antenna, then you can learn more about it on

Guidelines in maximizing the range of your antenna

Success in wireless communication range can be achieved using the common industrial remote controlled antenna. These uses RG-58 coaxial cable with lengths which are available based on your requirements from 3 then 10, 25 and 50 up to 100 feet long. This is supposed to be specified when ordering. 

Here are some guidelines to achieve the maximum reception range:

  1. Mounting of your antenna should be at the distance of at least 40 feet from electrical motors, power lines, huge power transformers, VFDs or any type of equipment that produce ambient electrical sounds. If this is not done, the receiver will have difficulty of identifying the FM transmitter signal from the sound or noise.
  2. For antennas that use 27 MHz systems, these are to be mounted outdoors. Since the frequency has great characteristics for long ranges. Also signals cannot pass through metal-reinforced concrete walls.
  3. For equipment that are located indoors run an RG-58 coaxial cable from its receiver to the antenna that is mounted outdoors.
  4. Use only high quality cables.
  5. Mount antennas as high as possible 3 feet above vertical surfaces.
  6. Do not loop excess coaxial cable into a coil as this cause radio frequency choke while also reduces the signal range. Just loosely route this into ā€œSā€ configuration.


Through those guidelines you can make your research of products through the internet. Then being aware of the product you can ask a salesman about their antenna and its capabilities and clear what you might not have understood in its specifications.

What You Need To Know About Remote Controlled Antenna
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