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Bunion And Running Shoes: The Considerations

Your activities are significantly affected when you have issues with one or both feet. Most of the things that you do, after all, involve walking, running, hopping, crawling or all of the above. So when a bulge called bunion starts appearing on your big toe, finding a comfortable pair of shoes, which is key to efficient walking and running by the way, becomes challenging.

Thanks to considerate shoe companies now, there are shoes especially made for individuals dealing with bunions. You can still run daily even if you have those red protrusions on your big toes, courtesy of the best running shoes for bunions. Get more Interesting details about plantar fasciitis shoe on

Because your feet are still suffering from bunions, here are the things you need to bear in mind when buying running shoes:

  • Your toes need enough room to wiggle, especially the big toe.
  • You need to avoid or minimize at the very least the friction and pressure on the big toe.
  • The arch of your foot must be supported as it is adjacent to your big toe. Whatever pressure or pain the arch feels, it will definitely radiate to the big toe.
  • With bunion, your feet will most likely not fit in a regular shoe, especially that the form of the big toe has been distorted.

Because of the special needs that your feet has, you should focus on looking for these qualities:

  • Gel cushioning, if possible, especially on the arch, front and back parts of the shoe.
  • Roomy interior and wider toe box.
  • Superb shock absorption yet lightweight.

Best running shoes for bunions must also possess the desirable qualities as other running shoes have like being flexible, durable, quick-drying and versatile. It must be a pair that you can use for running both on concrete and rough trails.

Bunion And Running Shoes: The Considerations
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