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The Evolution Of Welding Helmets

Welding helmets, among other equipment in welding, is perhaps the most strict and a must worn equipment.  One cannot perform welding procedure without wearing a welding helmet as the sparks from the rod could damage the eyes of the welder. 

Traditional Welding Helmets

In the past, welding helmets with regular lenses are popularly used.  It uses UV and IR coated glass with a fixed shade.  It is being worn by the welder in an upright position until the torch is also in the position.  When it’s ready to be used, the welder nods his head and snaps the helmet and lens into is position.  But today, manufacturers of welding helmets have come miles in the development of welding helmets.  There are now unique features that do not just protect the eyes and overall head but also help the welder increase performance.

Modern welding Helmets

Today, the most popular welding helmets are the auto-darkening welding helmets technology that uses electromagnetic detection.  The magnetic sensors pick up the magnetic field on the arc that responds more consistently and further protects the user’s eyes.  It also improves performance especially when welding outside and on sunny days. Get more Interesting details about auto darkening helmet on welderportal.

Some manufacturers adds some modes of digital versatility not just in welding but also in cutting applications.  Such digital controls allow the welder to easily control and adjust settings for better fit and comfort.  Moreover, a feature of having four arc sensors for superior lens response is added for more comfort and convenience when welding.

Some welding helmets offer features of autopilot that automatically adjust the shade level as your arc intensity changes.  In fact, some helmets have HD lens which gives the welder true colors and let them see the clearest and crispest view possible.

Welding now has never been that difficult with the rise of modern welding helmets.  Companies that produce steel works and performs welding use these modern welding helmets for protection at the same time to increase quality of production.

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